About the Company

Sandie Tsai Studios is a full service interior design company currently based in Atlanta, GA.


Sandie Tsai


Where some interior designers look at an empty room and see a blank slate, Sandie sees a hidden narrative. Hers is an all-encompassing vision that takes into account the character of the place, its environment and the personalities that reside there.

After graduating with a major in Architecture from Columbia University as well as a degree in Interior Design from Parsons, Sandie earned her Masters from the Florence Institute of Design International in Florence, Italy. It was there, amongst the rich textiles and architectural landscape that spoke volumes about the country’s history that she gained an appreciation for how design informs the environment and the people who engage with it.  


Her experience working for prominent firms such as Christopher Maya Inc broadened her scope as a designer; offering access to a range of projects and a varied take on the traditional home. Her designs take cue from the past while remaining true to the contemporary sensibilities of the client, meshing function and balance with modest embellishments. 

Before taking survey of a space, Sandie engages with clients one on one, knowing that every challenge or budgetary constraint presents an opportunity to work creatively within the boundaries